The Prison Cities of Zeelondis

The Prison Cities of Zeelondis are nine copies of the exact same city. It lies far beneath the surface on a Drow world known as Lexell, the same world where the ruling city of Siroxell rules the empire. The prison city is run by the Nothrollai family, and is well known to produce the most powerful and the most loyal slaves for the most dangerous jobs in the multiverse. Many of the slaves go on to become heroes of the Empire.

The reason there are nine cities instead of just one is an elaborate magical form of insurance to prevent insurrection. Upon first entering the cities, each person passes through a portal that creates eight copies of themselves. The copies have no idea that they are copies, nor any idea where their real selves are located if they somehow determine they are copies. The slaves are then told this, and informed that if a rebellion takes place within one city, another will be gassed. Thus rebellion becomes a form of suicide.

The Prison Cities of Zeelondis have three mottos that are driven into all the slaves:

“Freedom Through Obedience”
“Work and Fear Nothing.”
“Peace by Faith.”

The Prison Cities of Zeelondis

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