The called me Dreamer. They named me servant to the Nightmare King: they didn’t understand. I raised these spires by my own will, no other, and they will stand into eternity. Wars might ravage the land, and armies might destroy those outside my icy walls, but here, these Seven Spires, these towers that pay homage to my power, will never fall.

-The Journals of Lord Ralinkar, The Crystal Throne and King of Onan

If I teach you one thing, it is that thoughts have powers. Any dream, any thought, any image of your imagination has the potential to change the world around you. As you learn to fall deep within yourself the potential becomes greater until you can change the world merely by wishing it to be different. That is a dangerous road, and one that can only be traveled safely if it is tempered by wisdom.

But everyone should learn how to control their thoughts. I give you five stepping stones to truly realizing your mind’s potential while learning the wisdom to guide it._

First, know thyself. Only by stripping away the lies you tell to yourself can you understand and guide your thoughts.

Second, control thyself. Once you have learned about yourself you must use that knowledge to understand how you will react to the world around you. Then you must seek to change that which adds disharmony to the world.

Third, reach the still mind. Once you can control your thoughts, you must learn to make them still. You must sit in a single place and be of that place.

Fourth, guide the dream. Once you reach the state of still mind, you must learn to control your thoughts even in dreams. Any thought can change the world, weather that be a waking thought, or a sleeping nightmare. Learn to guide your dreams to pleasant places and away from darkness.

Fifth, sense the minds around you. The last step to obtaining a truly realized mind, is to sense the mind’s of those around you. Once you can guide your dreams, control each and every thought you have, it is not hard to direct those thoughts at others and listen to those thoughts yourself.

These stepping stones I give unto you. Follow them well.

-From the Five Stepping Stones, Megal, the Age of Silence


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